Bryan Cranston has admitted he would have been a good policeman, a career path that early in his life he believed he would take.

The Breaking Bad actor plays Robert Mazur in The Infiltrator, based on Mazur’s autobiography of the same name, but was quick to shut down the similarities between the character Mazur played when going undercover and the career Cranston has made his name in.

“I thought I was going to become a police officer early on in my life, I had an aptitude for it so I think I would have done fine because, undercover as Bob did, he takes on a persona, he takes on a character and he has to know those characteristics of that character, and keep them separate from the next guy he’s playing.

“The similarities end there because as an actor taking on a character you go home, you’re done, you’re fine. And when we’re finished with this, hopefully if it works for audiences, and thank you, glad you appreciate it… If it doesn’t work for Bob Mazur he could have been killed,” Cranston said.

The film, directed by Brad Furman, follows the true story of a US Customs special agent who in the 1980s went undercover as a corrupt businessman in an attempt to expose drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s money laundering organisation.

Cranston’s portayal of Mazur, and the two completely different characters he has to play, is closest thing to Walter White Cranston has taken on since Breaking Bad ended, and no doubt fans of that series will relish seeing the actor in a similar role again.