Best stag do destinations in Europe

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If your best friend is getting married and you have to organize his stag party, I bet your plan starts with strippers, lap dances, and booze! Don’t limit your ‘adventure’ to that, especially if you’re planning to extend the fun for a whole weekend!

You may have time for a lot of activities – from the coolest, adrenaline-filled, and the most interesting of them, to the hottest, awesome, and spicy experiences!

Let’s start with the beginning!  One of the most important things in organizing this kind of party is choosing the destination!

That’s why, in the following, we’ll show you which are four of the most popular stag do destinations in Europe, and the best activities you can enjoy in each of them!


Also called the party capital of Cyprus, Ayia Napa has fantastic beaches with golden sands and crystal waters!  Don`t forget to put the swimsuits in your luggage and prepare for some adrenaline, because you can enjoy a lot of water sports here.

Let’s see some Ayia Napa activities that you can add to your list (besides the strip show with hot girls and the lap dances):

  • parasailing
  • fly board
  • scuba diving
  • undersea walking
  • fishing tours
  • party on a yacht
  • party on a pirate boat



Located on the River Danube, Bratislava – the capital of Slovakia – is the perfect city to be a great stag destination!  You can enjoy a variety of activities here, and some of them are in the adrenaline-filled category:

  • brewery tour
  • football or footgolf
  • spa
  • massage
  • sauna experience
  • hydrospeeding
  • bridge swinging
  • white water rafting
  • high ropes adventures
  • action tower jump
  • armored car ride



Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is one of the most popular European stag weekend destinations because it offers you a combination of advantages that you’ll never find anywhere else in Europe: Extremely cheap booze, gorgeous ladies, incredible food, and a hot clubbing atmosphere.

Besides that, Romanians are considered crazy party people, so they are famous when it comes to having fun!

What can you do in a Bucharest stag weekend? Let`s see:

  • tandem skydiving
  • wakeboarding
  • Dracula Castle tour
  • Romanian traditional dinner
  • spending a day at the biggest spa center in Europe
  • hitchhiker stripper
  • outdoor paintball
  • gun shooting
  • karting
  • bubble football
  • dominatrix strip dinner


You also need to know that Bucharest has the second biggest administrative building in the world after Pentagon, with 1000-plus rooms:  The Palace of the Parliament.


The capital of Hungary offers you all you can wish, from beautiful architecture and famous baths, to fabulous food, cheap booze, and more than sixty epic activities. That`s why Budapest is one of the best stag do destinations in Europe.

Do you want to find out some examples of the most popular activities here?

  • gun shooting
  • bobsledding
  • airsoft
  • quad biking
  • horse races
  • brewery tour and tasting
  • beer bike with 20 litres of beer
  • day spa
  • thermal baths
  • steak and lesbo show
  • live body table dessert girl or body table sushi girl
  • guided pub crawl bus
  • nightclub entry
  • casino crawl
  • party bus
  • mud wrestling with naked strippers

This means that if you have to start organizing the big party, I hope these lists will help you! If you need an extra help, visit You will find more recommendations and the best deals for your best friend stag do!


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