Barbra Streisand has revealed she once got so frustrated with a computer problem that she called Steve Jobs himself.

After getting nowhere with fixing her technology issue, the singer decided to go straight to the top and call the Apple boss.

Steve Jobs (Paul Sakuma/AP)

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, she told Ross King: “I couldn’t figure out something on my computer and nobody could figure it out, no IT guy, so I said, ‘Can you get Steve Jobs on the phone?’

“Sure enough, I asked him about this problem and he couldn’t figure it out. He gave me his IT guy, who also couldn’t figure out. That was funny.”

US singer Barbra, 74, has released new album Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway, on which she duets with A-listers including Anne Hathaway, Daisy Ridley and Hugh Jackman.

But she was much more shy about getting in touch to ask them to work with her.

“First of all, I don’t want to be rejected, so I have my team, my A&R man, my manager, call their managers,” she said. “They don’t just pick up the phone. I only did that with Steve Jobs.”

She added: “When they say yes, then I can have a conversation.”

Barbra Streisand (Dan Balilty/AP)

The Woman In Love singer also revealed she never sings unless she is paid – not even in the shower.

On returning to recording, she said: “I worry. I haven’t sung in two years, really, how am I going to sound? Because I don’t go around the house singing.”

She said there was “no singing any time. Unless I’m paid to sing”.