Aubrey O’Day finds herself in an explosive argument with Stephen Bear on Celebrity Big Brother after he throws a custard pie in her face.

In a task airing on Wednesday night’s show, Marnie Simpson, Ricky Norwood and Samantha Fox are rewarded with pies for getting the most number of general knowledge questions right, but when Katie Waissel and Bear sneak a taste they are punished with pies to their face.

Aubrey gets her revenge on Bear with pie (Channel 5)

However, before Aubrey can pie Bear, he unceremoniously shoves it in her face, causing tensions to reach an all-time high in the house.

Aubrey punishes Bear by smearing pie in his bed, while Bear gets his own back by pouring a can of tomatoes into hers, which prompts a telling off from Big Brother.

Bear retaliates with tomatoes in Aubrey’s bed (Channel 5)

Despite Bear writing her an apology card on the back of a cereal packet, later in the episode they clash again and Aubrey serves Bear some tough home truths when he goads her about Friday’s final.

She screams: “You can win, I know this is your dream. I’ve had platinum selling albums, you can have Big Brother. I know this is the biggest achievement you’ll probably have in your life!”

Bear’s apology card (Channel 5)

In the diary room, she tells Big Brother: “Bear has ruined the night. I don’t even feel like a finalist.

“We are being abused by this kid … Renee (Graziano) and I are sitting here being tortured.”

Bear can also be seen being separated by Big Brother from Renee after he seemingly makes threats to her.

Renee and Bear clash (Channel 5)

After the housemates hear the results of the double eviction, which viewers saw in Tuesday’s episode, Mob Wives star Renee hides Bear’s “lucky” mask underneath the sofa and tells him Samantha Fox took it as she left the house.

“That’s not even funny, that was something special. That was my property and I want it back,” he fumes.

“It could still be here,” says Renee, to which Bear replies: “I hope so, for your sake.”

Bear is told off twice by Big Brother (Channel 5)

Pushed to the brink, Renee yells back: “You hope so for my sake? Is that a threat?”

Bear is then called immediately to the diary room.

He clarifies it was not meant as a threat and apologises to Renee, who tells him they can live politely together for the final three days.

Celebrity Big brother airs on Channel 5 at 9pm.