A strange and varied mix in cinemas this week, including a new Irish comdy classic, a returning horror franchise and comedy show back after long breaks and a new film from the guy behind What We Do in the Shadows.

The Young Offenders Two young Cork lads go on a road trip to try to recover a bale of cocaine- that's how this all kicks off and it's pretty much a riot from the first scene. Republic of Telly director Peter Foot helms and pens this film with a feckload of help from some familiar comedy faces but it all really belongs to Alex Murphy and Chris Walley who steal the show as the leads. Good, silly fun that's the perfect end to the summer.

Blair Witch The film that made found footage popular (for better or worse) has an all new sequel which was made in secret and is now being unleashed on audiences. You're Next and The Guest director Adam Wingard is helming and the trailers have been selling this as a heck of a horror thrill ride and the early reviews are in agreement. People should just stay out of these woods. Bridget Jones's Baby It's not clear that we needed another Bridget Jones movie after 12 long years, but here it is anyway. Bridget (Renee Zellweger) is now in her 40s and getting stuck into her job until it just so happens that she sleeps with two men one night after the other and then gets pregnant. So who is the daddy- long time squeen Colin Firth or dashing American Patrick Dempsey? You'll have to watch to find out! The Infiltrator The great Bryan Cranston stars in this true story as US Customs Service agent Robery Mazur who helped to take down the criminal enterprise of Pablo Escobar by working undercover. It sounds like a great companion to Netflix's Narcos and includes players like Diane Kruger, Jason Issacs and Amy Ryan. Plus just look at that most excellent moustache. Hunt for the Wilderpeople From the fellow who brought you the hilarious mock doc What We Do in the Shadows, kiwi Taika Waititi, comes another comedy which is getting amazing reviews. This is about a young kid who is forced to live with his aunt and uncle in the middle of nowhere and goes on the run into the wilderness with his uncle Sam Neill in pursuit. The Beatles: Eight Days a Week This documentary from director Ron Howard is all about the touring years of the Beatles as they took the world by storm. With plenty of footage and talking heads, including those surviving members Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. Get a glimpse at the madness of Beatle-mania in the 1960s.