While we love seeking out new trends, sometimes there’s nothing better than going backstage and finding a look that’s outlandish, totally off-piste and nothing we’d ever recreate in real world. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Which is exactly what happened at Vivienne Westwood.
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The first thing we spotted was a particularly hunky male model having ants handdrawn from his ears and all the way down onto his torso. Why did this chap have creepy crawlies all over his body? He was one of many personas created by lead artist Val Garland. ‘What we’ve got here is a gaggle of people all gathering at a club. they’re all different and they’re all individual.’ What was the ant man’s character? A man obsessed with tattoos.
Vivienne Westwood SS17 Beauty at Paris Fashion Week
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As we continued on backstage, we noticed a girl having her perfectly painted pillbox red lipstick rubbed off, but the smudged colour around her face was left. Val explained that she was the girl that spends all night at the party snogging, her lipstick kissed off in the process.
Vivienne Westwood SS17 Beauty at Paris Fashion Week

There was an 80s rave girl with a flash of baby pink shadow on her top lid, girls with nothing on their faces – because they never wear makeup – and girls with black wing liners, perfect on day one, but now on day two it’s half way down their face.

The most shocking of all the characters was notably the one played by model Tamy Glauser, ‘I took inspiration from the clothes. There were lots of penises in the collection, some were even wearing jewellery in the shape of a penis. I wondered if it would be politically incorrect to draw a penis on somebody, but I thought, “let’s just give it a go.”’ So that’s exactly what she did.

Vivienne Westwood penis

Are you expected to look to this catwalk show as inspiration for yourself next season? Not. At. All. But, like we said, sometimes it’s nice to walk backstage to something a little risqué and different. It cleanses the palette and reminds us all that fashion and beauty are fun and don’t always have to be too serious.

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