The Great British Bake Off’s Selasi Gbormittah has continued to impress viewers, and his cool, calm and slightly sassy demeanour during bread week stepped things up a gear.

Those sat at home watching the BBC programme were in awe of his impossibly calm attitude – at one point, he even reclined on the floor while waiting for his bread to bake. What a man!

The Great British Bake Off’s Selasi Gbormittah (BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillon)

There was also a lot of googly-eyed focused on his “aggressive” kneading skills, thanks to his slapping around of the dough and constant knuckling in.

People were seriously bready for action just watching him, and it all got a bit hot under the collar!

Selasi, trying to get a rise out of the other bakers with his kneady behaviour. #GBBO

— BBC One (@BBCOne) September 7, 2016

There were plenty of giggles over his inability to plait his bread, especially after he said he was playing football and “not watching the girls” as a youth.

But, overall, viewers just really, really have the hots for him, and didn’t mind getting amorous over social media about him, causing his name to become a trending topic once again.

Selasi loves thrashing his dough around 😉 #GBBO

— Mary Berry (@MaryBerryNOT) September 7, 2016

Selasi be waitin for his bread lik #GBBO

— Aaron Vallely (@Vallmeister) September 7, 2016

selasi can roll and twist and throw me around as much as he likes

— charl (@arcticharl) September 7, 2016

*Selasi looks at dough*… *dough instantly rises* #GBBO

— Kim Lawler (@finestimaginary) September 7, 2016

Selasi kneading dough got the UK like… #GBBO

— Martyn (@MartynWhite) September 7, 2016

Selasi literally just lying on the floor now. Next week he'll post in instructions from bed using a carrier pigeon. #GBBO

— Rachel Jeffcoat (@longstorytweet) September 7, 2016

Got the serious hots for Selasi 🌶

— Georgie Chase (@GeorgieChase) September 7, 2016

Selasi is so chill I love it

— Jaina (@ninjaina) September 7, 2016

Selasi is the real show stopper #GBBO

— GeorginaAllcock (@GeorginaAllcock) September 7, 2016

Go Selasi. I'd tap that… The bread I mean 😳🍞 #GBBO

— Soggy Bottoms (@SoggyBottoms1) September 7, 2016

I actually love Selasi #GBBO

— victoria morris (@victoriaa579) September 7, 2016

Selasi would still be calm mid-Armageddon. #GBBO

— David Ephgrave (@David_Ephgrave) September 7, 2016

i bet selasi has a whopping loaf

— charl (@arcticharl) September 7, 2016

I just want someone to handle me the way Selasi handles Dampfnudel dough.#GBBO

— Amanda (@Pandamoanimum) September 7, 2016

Selasi kneading dough. Oh my.

— Halinalinalina (@viechoufleur) September 7, 2016

Anybody else find selasi's aggressive kneading kind of attractive? #GBBO

— Charlotte Elizabeth (@CharlotteCoster) September 7, 2016

i want selasi to knead my face like he kneaded that dough #GBBO

— eda #BLM (@stonemlwt) September 7, 2016

my aspiration in life is to reach selasi's level of chill

— chia (@imyourlionheart) September 7, 2016

'The kind of burnt you like'
Selasi's bake could be on fire and he'd find a way to be chill about it #GBBO

— Helena (@helenabub) September 7, 2016