Whether you’re happy as a clam, consider yourself grouchier than Grumpy the Dwarf or the laziest person on earth, there’s a spirit animal out there paired to your personality and a whole range of suitable fragrances to match. Here are the best Autumn perfumes to suit you.

Miss Piggy

You are fabulous with a capital F and love sumptuous florals. Plain Jane you are not. You're attracted to life's precious flowers like the Guatemalan patchouli and sumptuous peony.

From left, Eau Sensuelle EDP, £70 for 50ml, Bottega Veneta (John Lewis); Peonia Nobile EDP, £76 for 50ml, Acqua di Parma; Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming EDP, £70 for 50ml, Dior; Dahlia Divin EDP, £67.50 for 50ml, Givenchy (John Lewis); Mon Paris EDP, £66 for 50ml, Yves Saint Laurent.

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You are an intrepid traveller with a taste for the exotic. You regularly have to update your passport as the pages are filled with stamps from all over the world.

From left, Galop d’Hermès EDP, £183 for 50ml, Hermès; Wonderlust EDP, £42 for 30ml, Michael Kors (Debenhams); Tangier Vanille EDP, £92 for 50ml, Aerin (Harrods).

You are provocative. Spicy notes linger on your skin for days, making you utterly irresistible to anyone who catches a whiff of you.

From left, Close to my Heart EDP, £95 for 50ml, Bella Freud; Deep Euphoria EDP, £52 for 50ml, Calvin Klein (Boots); S&X by Rankin EDP, £95 for 30ml, The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi (Harvey Nichols); AMQ McQueen EDP, £75 for 50ml, Selfridges.

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My Little Pony Unicorn
You are HAPPY! FUN! YAY! Sparkling raspberry and herbaceous notes pep you up. You sign your name with hearts on top of the eyes in a rainbow pen.

From left, Velvet Pure EDP, £165 for 50ml, Dolce & Gabbana (Harrods); Blueberry Musk EDP, £55 for 100ml, Shay & Blue; Coach The Fragrance EDP, £49 for 50ml, Coach (House Of Fraser)

Brian Griffin
You are super sophisticated. You do your homework when it comes to scent. A rare tree that blossoms for only one day? You’ll take it.

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From left, Black Pepper EDP, £83 for 100ml, Comme des Garçons (Selfridges); Sì EDP, £115 for 40ml, Giorgio Armani; La Femme EDP, £69 for 50ml, Prada (Selfridges); Vert Bohème EDP, £148 for 50ml, Tom Ford (Selfridges); The Revenge of Lady Blanche EDP, £178 for 75ml, Penhaligon’s.