Normally if you’re a pitch invader the best you can hope for is a stadium ban and an ironic cheer from the crowd as you attempt to evade the clutches of the stewards.

One fan got something a bit better though when he ran on to the pitch during Portugal’s win over the Faroe Islands – and that was a selfie with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Torcedor invade gramado durante Ilhas Faroe x Portugal e tira selfie com CR7

— globoesportecom (@globoesportecom) October 10, 2016

The guy in question got on to the pitch at the start of the second half and, rather than rugby-tackling him to the ground, Ronaldo was more than happy to pose for a photo. When is he not?

Ernesto Ferrari Henriquez later shared the snap on Facebook.

Best day of my life!?? – Ernesto Ferrari Henriquez | Facebook

That’s one for the family album.