In the second episode of Richard Macer’s BBC2 documentary about British Vogue, we got to see more crazy behind-the-scenes footage as Alexandra Shulman, the magazine’s editor, planned the centenary issue – which of course meant sorting out special editions, lots of star-studded events and some massively important shoots.

And the whole thing made for some fascinating – and awkward – viewing.

This is one awkward documentary and I'm loving it. #absolutelyfashion

— Chris Clynes (@ChrisClynes) September 15, 2016

Here’s exactly what went down…

1. The programmed started with the film-maker’s interview with editor-in-chief of Vogue Anna Wintour.

ICYMI, in the last episode, we learnt how there was a tug-of-war between Alexandra and Anna on whether US or British Vogue would feature Rihanna on their cover first, and it was all a bit awkward.

Oh are they still on about this cover… #absolutelyfashion

— Positive life (@livingmyposlife) September 15, 2016

Why are they still on about that cover? #absolutelyfashion

— Georgia Threadgold (@g_threadgold) September 15, 2016

But in the end, the interview went quite smoothly, and everyone just loved seeing Anna there in her shades.

Shades on. Indoors. #absolutelyfashion

— Fiona-Natasha Syms (@fifisyms) September 15, 2016

Loving #AnnaWintour and her sunnies already. #AbsolutelyFashion

— Clothes Show (@ClothesShow) September 15, 2016

Ah ah I must do my next #journalism interview wearing sunglasses a la #annawintour #absolutelyfashion @BBCTwo

— Sheron Boyle Media (@SheronBoyle1) September 15, 2016

2. Fashion features editor, Sarah Harris, revealed just how many pairs of jeans she owns. Total #goals

82 PAIRS OF JEANS #absolutelyfashion

— ASH (@MrP0nyTail) September 15, 2016

Pretty sure I'm not the only one who wants to know which charity shop Sarah Harris takes her clothes to. #absolutelyfashion

— Julia Silk (@juliasreading) September 15, 2016

How can you have 82 pairs or jeans, I have about 10 and wear 1 so had a breakdown when I ripped them last week #absolutelyfashion

— Gabriella Graham (@Gabriella_la_la) September 15, 2016

"My jeans are imbued with memories". Yes, sure. #absolutelyfashion

— Justin Watson (@frontandfollow) September 15, 2016

Who on earth needs 82 pairs of jeans!! #AbsolutelyFashion

— Sarah B (@SarahB59) September 15, 2016

3. There was a brilliant (and random) moment involving Cher…

"That's @Cher on a bed of feathers". My absolute favourite quote from a show, ever! #absolutelyfashion

— Debbie Ryan (@DebbieRyanRadio) September 15, 2016

The narrator of #absolutelyfashion talking about Cher's denim in the 90s is one of my favourite TV moments this year

— Annabelle Collins (@annierose_20) September 15, 2016

4. Then there was the interviewer asking Georgia May Jagger some awkward questions.

The way Ms. Jagger's face dropped when he mentioned her da. #absolutelyfashion

— Tim (@TimForde) September 15, 2016

Face drops in a nanosecond.
Shared connection with the Stones.

— Sue Homeyard (@SueHomeyard) September 15, 2016

Loving #absolutelyfashion – finding it fascinating & awkward in equal measure. @RichardMacer 's narration is PERFECT

— Chloë Marsh (@ChloeAlexandra7) September 15, 2016

Jagger's daughter refusing to talk abt Patsy's relationship w/ the Stones? Patsy from Ab Fab. A fictional character #absolutelyfashion

— Mark Collyer (@Mark_Collyer) September 15, 2016

5. Yep, Ab Fab featured and Joanna Lumley and Jennifer Saunders stole the show.

Eddie and Patsy FOREVER . Forever forever forever. Perfect ad-libbing to the camera #absolutelyfashion

— Susannah Otter (@SusannahOtter) September 15, 2016

Saunders & Lumley are the saving grace of this episode for me #absolutelyfashion

— Alys Key (@alys_key) September 15, 2016

Best thing about #absolutelyfashion? Edina and Patsy!

— Marcela Dauar (@1deaftranslator) September 15, 2016

6. It was especially fascinating hearing fashion director Lucinda Chambers talk about her work.

(BBC/Lightbox Entertainment/Linda Brownlee)

I think I would love to go and get drunk on champagne with Lucinda Chambers! What an interesting woman! #absolutelyfashion

— Luigina Ciolfi (@luiciolfi) September 15, 2016

Lucinda Chambers. Babe 👌🏻 Absolute babe. #absolutelyfashion

— Emily Llou (@emily_llou) September 15, 2016

"I can googlise with the best of them!" 😂 I love Lucinda! #absolutelyfashion

— Ruth Woods (@MissRudiBlue) September 15, 2016

Out of all of them Lucinda Chambers in an absolute hun #absolutelyfashion #Vogue

— Rebecca Usher (@Rebecca_Usher) September 15, 2016

Lucinda is the best thing about British Vogue #absolutelyfashion

— Georgia Threadgold (@g_threadgold) September 15, 2016

Lucinda Chambers – bringing #AbsolutelyFashion to life, breathing in some personality and charm ❤️

— Adam Mallaby (@adammallaby) September 15, 2016

Gosh I love Lucinda, can we have a programme just about her please. She's so lovely. #absolutelyfashion

— Sez (@Flamingroovy) September 15, 2016

Lucinda Chambers is the star of this programme #absolutelyfashion

— Sarah Whitham (@sazzleJ19) September 15, 2016

Lucinda's wonderful passion for her work demands respect, clearly aware of the wonderful inanity of it all too #absolutelyfashion

— Rajnish Razdan (@RajnishRazdan) September 15, 2016

7. Seeing the Duchess of Cambridge on the cover of the magazine, and how Alexandra pulled off keeping it a secret, was great.

Totally understand Alexandra Shulman protecting her cover – of course she wouldn't want a coup like that leaked #absolutelyfashion

— Sarah Fitzmaurice (@sarahfitzm) September 15, 2016

"Did you feel awkward about lying?"… "no." Never thought I'd say this, but go Alexandra #absolutelyfashion

— Hannah Baker (@HanBaker) September 15, 2016

What a woman Alexandra Shulman is, an inspiration to women everywhere. Hard work pays off #absolutelyfashion

— Heidi Thomas (@Heidi_likes) September 15, 2016

A tenacious, formidable and undeniably talented woman. Your passion and creative spirit is an inspiration @AShulman2 #absolutelyfashion

— E D W A R D (@EdwardWJSmith) September 15, 2016

All in all, it was quite the insight into the world of Vogue…especially when Alexandra came out with quotes like this.

'Must be so brutal for people who rely on how they look to define themselves..and then they age.' Great quote @AShulman2.#absolutelyfashion

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) September 15, 2016