Kristen is seeing red

Oh, to have Kristen Stewart’s ‘shut it haters’ approach to life, love and makeup. We can’t sort you out with the first two but we can totally give you the answers to her make up cheats (you guessed right, your average basic smoky eye isn’t going to make the grade.) Here are the six tips K-Stew swears by, but if it's Kristen Stewart's style your more interested in, head this way…

1. Get your zzzs
‘If you’re tired there’s no hiding it. I just did this movie in Paris and we worked so fucking constantly that I looked wrecked. Luckily I wanted the character to look really tired but it’s also really hard to fake when you don’t want to look tired. Getting good sleep is my best beauty advice, that and drinking a lot of water although that sounds very Zoolander doesn’t it? “Water is the essence of beauty”!’

2. You don’t have to spend hours getting ready
‘I like how I look the first five minutes I wake up in the morning as I like messy hair and a more deconstructed look but it totally depends, sometimes my hair will take seven minutes whilst at Cannes we conceptualised the look for a fucking hour but I loved it. It’s fun to work with people that I can just sit there and say “I want to feel…” and the make-up artist just gets it.’

3. Don’t be a slave to trends
‘I always just go with how I feel, if you like a look then it doesn’t matter if it’s in fashion or not. I felt a bit like that with my hair colour – I’d never changed it for myself – it was always for a role so sometimes you just have to reclaim your own physicality and say "fuck it".’
You've got to see Kristen Stewart's new blonde hair…

4. There IS a red lip for everyone
‘Sure, why not? I mean, I definitely look at old pictures of myself and go "ohhhh I did that?" but I reckon you can’t go wrong with a classic.’

5. Tear up the rule book
‘I guess I kind of just go for it so I wouldn’t say no to anything really. When I first saw [Chanel Make-up Artist] Lucia Pica’s red collection I did wonder how it would work as it’s not something you assume would look good, especially around the eyes but the Chanel red eyeliner has ended up becoming my favourite product. You put it on and suddenly you look really engaged – it’s so cool.’

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6. Plan your ‘event’ look in advance
‘Just make sure it’s a look you feel comfortable with and that goes for what you wear too as you’ll probably be looking back at pictures of them at some point. My favourite look of all time was the red eye I did for Cannes which really helped when the premiere itself was quite a weird experience as the film was so divisive.’
So, there you have it, the easy-to-follow beauty rules of Kristen Stewart. Two is our favourite.