Following The X Factor’s Six Chair Challenge, the remaining contestants will now have to face Judges’ Houses, the final hurdle before the live shows.

There are seven acts in each of the four categories – the Girls, the Boys, the Overs and the Groups – heading off to each respective judge’s exotic location of choice to battle it out.

In a twist to the competition this year, each category has an extra Wildcard addition – a contestant chosen by a rival judge to be given a second chance.

Simon Cowell and the Girls heading to Judges’ Houses – L-R -Soheila Clifford, Olivia Garcia, Caitlyn Vanbeck, Gifty Louise, Kayleigh Marie Morgan and Emily Middlemas (Syco/Thames/Dymond / PA Images)

Nicole Scherzinger will take her Boys contestants to Nice in France, Louis Walsh will see his Groups perform in Ibiza, Spain, Simon Cowell is treating his Girls to a working trip to Malibu, California, and Sharon Osbourne has invited the Overs to her home in Los Angeles.

These are the acts in each category:

Nicole’s Boys:
Christian Burrows, 19
Freddy Parker, 18
James Hughes, 17
Matt Terry, 23
Nate Simpson, 23
Niall Sexton, 22
Wildcard – Ryan Lawrie, 20 (chosen by Simon)

Ryan Lawrie is the Wildcard for the Boys (Syco/Thames TV / PA Images)

Simon’s Girls
Caitlyn Vanbeck, 18
Emily Middlemas, 17
Gifty Louise, 20
Kayleigh Marie Morgan, 19
Olivia Garcia, 16
Soheila Clifford, 18
Wildcard – Samantha Lavery, 16 (chosen by Louis)

Samantha Lavery is the Wildcard for the Girls (Syco/Thames/Dymond / PA Images)

Sharon Osbourne and her Overs, L-R – Janet Grogan, Ivy Grace Paredes (who has now left the competition), Samantha Atkinson, Christopher Peyton, Relley C and James Wilson (Syco/Thames/Dymond / PA Images)

Sharon’s Overs
Christopher Peyton, 46
Honey G, 35
James Wilson, 34
Janet Grogan, 28
Relley C, 26
Samantha Atkinson, 32
Wildcard – Saara Alto, 29 (chosen by Nicole)

In a twist, rapper Honey G has returned after Ivy Grace Paredes had to drop out due to visa issues.

Honey G is back in the Overs, replacing Ivy Grace (Syco/Thames/Dymond / PA Images)

Saara Alto is the Wildcard for the Overs (Thames / Syco Entertainment)

Louis Walsh’s final six Groups – 4 Of Diamonds, 5am, Ottavio And Bradley, Skarl3t, Tom And Laura and The Brooks (Syco/Thames/Dymond / PA Images)

Louis’ Groups
4 Of Diamonds, aged 17-21
5am, aged 19-23
Ottavio And Bradley, aged 22-24
Skarl3t, aged 22-27
The Brooks, aged 17
Tom And Laura, aged 24-29
Wildcard – Yes Lad, aged 16-21 (chosen by Sharon)

Yes Lad are the Wildcard for the Groups (Syco/Thames/Dymond / PA Images)