Small Repairs That Will Make Your Home Show Better and Sell Faster

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When selling your home, it’s imperative that you present the house as one that someone would actually want to buy. This often means making a few repairs around the property to bolster its perceived value and avoid uncomfortable questions when showing the house to prospective buyers. Viewers want to see that you’ve taken good care of the place while you owned it and will be turned off if glaring problems greet them after walking through the front door.

Fortunately, not all repairs have to be complicated and expensive projects – especially if you’ve taken great care of the property to this point. The small projects detailed below will make a positive and lasting impact upon the viewers of your home and drive up the perceived value of the property.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

This is one of the cheapest yet most impactful changes that you can make to any home you’re trying to sell. Replace aged wallpaper and faded paint with light, neutral shades that are universally pleasing to the eye. Particularly bold colors might not appeal to everyone that views your home, and wallpaper makes a house look significantly dated.

If you can’t paint every room of the house, focus on areas with peeling/chipped paint, faded paint or dark paint or wallpaper.

Pay Attention to the Plumbing

Do you have any leaking plumbing fixtures? Does the hardware on your sink, tub or toilet need to be replaced? Are components of your plumbing fixtures rusty, dirty or in some other unappealing state? Most of the time, these repairs can be made inexpensively. One of the most vital things that a potential buyer will check is how well the water works in all relevant areas of the home. If they can’t adequately get clean, wash dishes, flush the toilet or run the sink, they won’t be impressed.

Modify the Entryway

New address numbers for the house, a more modern porch light and a new lock on the front door are all inexpensive, little fixes that leave a lasting impact. It’s also worthwhile to trim the shrubs near the door and along the front of the house.

Eliminate Clutter

Clutter makes a home look cramped and chaotic, which is not an appealing point for prospective buyers. Viewers might imagine what dust, dirt and other things might be lurking behind piles of stuff and will be discouraged by not being able to observe every square foot of the place. It is especially bothersome if they have to watch their footing and be careful as they navigate around the house during the viewing. Tackle the clutter before you open your home to any kind of viewing.

If you make these inexpensive changes to your home before showing it to prospective buyers, you are bound to get more positive reactions than if you had let these details slide.

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