Relive the 90s without the fashion faux pas with Get Waisted

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The “Unfanny Fanny Pack” is bringing sleekness and versatility to the personal bag game.

 Get Waisted, the “Unfanny Fanny Pack” is finding considerable success with today’s 90s hot fashion trends sweeping the nation. This product provides users with a sleek, secure, and comfortable carrying abilities by being snugly fastened around the waist.

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Fanny packs are an American keepsake that dominated the 80s and 90s fashion scene and are known for their awkward appearance and positioning on the user’s body. As the “anti-fanny pack,” Get Waisted brings consumers all of the convenience of a 90s-style fanny pack, yet without the actual ugly fanny pack puff and design.

“We were all guilty owners of fanny packs throughout the last few decades,” said Bill Glazer, founder and owner of Get Waisted. “The trend has made a formidable comeback today, and it’s bringing considerable popularity to our fanny-pack-less product. The best part of all is that Get Waisted’s appearance completely fits into the trending 90s style of today. We’re happy to provide a functional alternative to fanny packs that complements any on-the-go lifestyle.”

Athleisure wear, the popular incorporation of athletic-wear with street style, is dominating every single runway. From wind pants to sneakers with cocktail dresses, nothing is free from the 80s and 90s fashion reminiscence.


Get Waisted products come with a pocket for holding your smartphone, two zipper compartments, and an outlet for easy headphone access. Similar to what a fanny pack can offer you, Get Waisted provides a tighter, sleeker design that keeps its appearance out of sight and out of mind.

“We’re proud to be part of the athleisure trend, and we’re excited to present a versatile, functional alternative to the 90s fanny pack that many today probably wish would stay in the 90s,” said Glazer.

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