MAC’s New Palette Will Make You Want To Channel Your Inner Basic Bitch

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MAC is reclaming the basic bitch label with its new must-have palette. Nope, it doesn't contain pumpkin spiced eyeshadow or a shade to match your Uggs – it's actually the ultimate back to basics palette.

We've already seen a glimpse of the Basic Bitch kit in action backstage at fashion week, with MAC MUA Netta Szekely revealing the palette in Milan via a Bommerang and with a glimpse of the contents lined up on her arm.

The palette contains nine subtle and shimmery shades which are perfect for creating no-makeup makeup looks as well as the classic smokey eye. Basically, it's the ultimate all rounder – think NAKED's cult kits all rolled into one.

The aptly named shadows include silver colour 'Me Me Me' and pink 'Love That Bitch', which looks like it doubles up as a shimmery highlighter, as well as a not-so-basic metallic purple called 'Shy Girl'.
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No confirmation as yet when the palette will be available to buy, but our inner basic is freaking out already.

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